Truman Nhu bio

Truman left Vietnam during the mass exodus in 1975, which followed right after the fateful fall of Saigon.  As a boat-people refugee, he immigrated to America with nothing in his possession except for a few broken English sentences.  Among many challenges, Truman struggled to begin his new life in the US by working many different jobs, including employment at a print shop and fruit picking on the farm.   In the meantime, he managed to continue his education by going back to school to attend ESL classes.

Despite all the trials and tribulations, nowadays, he is recognized as a very successful and respectable businessman in the Bay area.   He's always aware of the value of freedom here in the States and the opportunities given to the people from his homeland. He works tirelessly to promote Viet-Americans to become involved with the local political systems as Adviser of Viet-Voters group and Vietnamese-Americans friendship groups. He organizes many events as bridges for Viet-Americans to meet with their political representatives of both local and federal levels.  In conjunction with many Viet-Americans Buddhist Temples in the local area, he actively plays a key role in organizing their significant events annually to promote the Vietnamese traditional cultures.